Test cases

Now that you have been through the main information on evaluating the adrenal lesions, you can do the test cases by clicking or tapping the links lower down.

IMPORTANT: this learning is open to my local colleagues in Leicester and to anyone else who wishes to participate worldwide.

You will find it easiest to have the answer page open in a different tab.

Please make sure you are filling out your answers for the appropriate cases - i.e. make sure you are looking at the case titled "test 3" for the answers you enter for test 3. For most cases, I have told you which side the lesion is on, and how large it is. You have to find it on the images, and measure the density and then answer the questions. There is one question where the side and size are not given, to mirror a situation that often occurs in real life.

There are a total of 7 cases to look at, but as some of these have more than one adrenal lesion (the ones that start as **test case), there are actually 10 lesions in total to assess. In test 5, there are two left-sided lesions.

Please note that it is not possible for me to provide you with a score without an email address.

Remember that in Pacsbin, you need to tap or click the "A" to access the ROI tool. The measurement tools only work when you do this on a desktop or laptop.

The cases are best viewed using Chrome or Safari, not Internet Explorer, and the measuring of the density of the adrenal nodules works best on a desktop or laptop.

left side, 2.5 cm

left side, 2.5 cm

side and size unknown

left side, 2.6 cm AND right side, 1 cm

left side, 2 cm AND left side, 2.5 cm

left side, 1.4 cm AND right side, 2.2 cm

left side, 1.3 cm